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One for Sorrow

One for Sorrow

by Cordelia Lynn

As recommended by Michael: "On the night of a terrorist attack on London, a family of middle class liberals welcome a stranded young man into their home following a twitter #OpenDoor campaign . Daughters Imogen and Chloe are keener to help John than their Nimbyish parents Emma and Bill, but Lynn doesn't let any of them off the hook in this taut, tense, darkly funny savaging of liberal-left pieties, showing us the misanthropic underbelly of Chloe's intersectionalism and the moral emptiness of Imogen's pacifism."

During an attack on London, Imogen joins a social media campaign offering refuge to victims. Before her family have even had a chance at a reasonable discussion, John is at their door.

He is different to them. He isn’t what they expected. And although they’d never admit it to themselves, he isn’t necessarily what they want.

Cordelia Lynn's play One For Sorrow was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, on 20 June 2018, in a production directed by James Macdonald.