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Happy to Help

Happy to Help

by Michael Ross

A destitute farmer sells his land to the supermarket chain that drove him out of business. Fifteen years later and a bustling supermarket stands on the same spot. UK managing director Tony is coming to work undercover at the store for a week. Branch manager Vicky is determined to give him a more grimly authentic experience than he'd ever dared wish for. Shelf-stacker Josh dreams of escape and rock stardom. Union organiser Elliot dreams of Josh. By Friday, nothing will ever be the same for them again. Happy to Help is an acerbic comedy about how Britain has become a nation of shop assistants. Staff review:

UK Supermarket Managing Director Tony decides to play secret millionaire in a local Frisca store where manager Vicky rules with a polite iron fist, shelf stacker Josh dreams of freedom and Elliot dreams of Josh. By Friday everything has changed. Michael Ross has created a bitingly insightful new comedy about power, love, dreams, shopping, and just how all-consuming a "part time" job can really be. ANDY.