Dennis of Penge

Dennis of Penge

by Annie Siddons

Wendy is downtrodden. She is one of the outcasts, the underclass, the meek and the bleakly prospected. She didn’t stand a chance of succeeding. Washed up and heartbroken, the highlight of her existence is her daily shuffle to the chicken shop.

On one particularly hard day she re-encounters her old friend Dennis, whom she hasn’t seen since a tragedy occurred when she was ten – twenty-five years previously. Newly returned to Penge, and now a chicken shop boss, Dennis promises to change her existence forever. But will Wendy have the courage to follow him? And what are the consequences of letting the god of madness, ecstasy, and wildness loose in SE20?

Touching on themes of addiction, survival, poverty, joy and ecstasy in the city, and a homage to her childhood ends of SE20, Dennis of Penge, loosely based on Euripides’ The Bacchae, combines Annie Siddons’ raw poetry with music and performance to create an urgent, vital and uplifting new show.