Death of England: Delroy

Death of England: Delroy

by Roy Williams and Clint Dyer

Me jumping out of the van, was the beginning of a very bad day for me. I just didn't know it, but I was going to know it, in about four minutes, I was going to know, fer trut.

2020. Delroy is arrested on his way to the hospital.

Filled with anger and grief, he recalls the moments and relationships that gave him hope before his life was irrevocably changed.

Written in response to their play Death of England, Death of England: Delroy is a new standalone work by Clint Dyer and Roy Williams, which follows a Black working-class man searching for truth and confronting his relationship with
White Britain.

This edition was published to coincide with the world premiere of Death of England: Delroy, at the National Theatre in 2020. The production was the first play to reopen the theatre following the Coronavirus pandemic.