by Guleraana Mir

As recommended by Molly: "A play about choices, change and the uncertainties of life. Guleraanas' voice is fresh, funny and at times heartbreaking as she guides us through Rumis' internal negotiations seeking to please those around her and herself. Raising the question of what defines us in todays world; Religion, our home, our families or our own beliefs and how we present these to the ones we love."

Ever Feel Like you’re constantly disappointing people? Meet Rumi.

Rumi is a British Pakistani woman who’s referred to as a “Coconut” (brown on the outside, white on the inside). Born and brought up as a Muslim, Rumi spends more time enjoying fine wine and bacon than being at the mosque. When she meets Simon, a white guy, she hopes that his decision to convert to Islam will be enough to keep everyone happy. However, as Simon begins to explore his faith, Rumi’s world spins off its axis in ways she could never have predicted.