by Mike Bartlett

A razor-sharp, acid-tongued new play by Mike Bartlett, one of the UK's most exciting and inventive young writers. Two jobs. Three candidates. This would be a really bad time to have a stain on your shirt...

Recommended by NT Bookseller Arjun: Do you ever get the feeling that no one at work likes you?

This is very much the fate of Thomas whose 9-to-5 life is made miserable by his two colleagues, Isobel and Tony. Both conspire to disorient Thomas right before the big boss, Carter, initiates a corporate cull. It’s a quick and cruel goring. No room for sentiment. Thomas’s rectitude and earnestness end up working against him when faced with conniving foes who view honesty as a weakness and compassion as dead weight in a kill-or-be-killed culture. Through taught, staccato dialogue Mike Bartlett lays bare the all too common phenomenon of workplace bullying. Bartlett’s recent astonishing run of plays started here in this chamber piece of Hobbesian malice.