by Stuart Slade

As recommended by Michael: "The lives of six young people in London in the wake of a devastating plane crash told entirely in interweaving monologues full of gallows humour. Much funnier by rights than a play about the aftermath of a terrorist attack ought to be, Slade creates six well defined and very different individuals and shows their varying responses to the tragedy."

So you know how on the news these days there's just this endless stream of horrendous shit going down, like every single night? Suicide bombs, mass shootings, genocides, drone strikes, school massacres – it's like the end of the world or something... And you're kind of like – "Could I even cope if that stuff happened to me?"'

Six young people are caught in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the heart of London. By turns terrifying, inspiring, brutal, heartbreaking and hilarious, BU21 is verbatim theatre from the very near future.

Stuart Slade's play comprises six interlinking monologues. It premiered at Theatre503, London, in 2016, in a co-production with Kuleshov, before transferring to the Trafalgar Studios, London, in January 2017.