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And The Rest Of Me Floats

And The Rest Of Me Floats

by Outbox Theatre

I was born in 1994, then came Windows 95,

And I would dive online to be the true me –

A 2cm avatar with a denim mini and a high pony.

Online all the time, to avoid conversation and the frustration of being a he, she, they or me…

I felt free.

And The Rest Of Me Floats is all about the messy business of gender. Performers from across the trans, non-binary, and queer communities weave together autobiographical performance, movement, pop songs, stand-up and dress-up in this anarchic celebration of gender expression and identity.

Playful and powerful, And The Rest Of Me Floats explores how it feels to live in a society where you are regularly categorised and policed. ‘Do you see me?’ Beyond the questions, the confusion, and the anger – ‘Do you really see me?’