by Mike Bartlett

As recommended by Michael: "Audrey Walters has purchased a once magnificent house in the country, and is determined to restore the now rather overgrown gardens to their former Edenic splendour, but it proves to be an even more enormous task than she anticipated. Meanwhile she's also having to cope with daughter Zara, unhappy at being uprooted from the city and romantically involved with one of Audrey's best friends, all whilst still dealing with the grief of having lost her son to war. A beautiful and elegiac play about the pitfalls of nostalgia and how the messy chaos of reality will always thwart the best attempts at creating order.

In the ruins of a garden in rural England, in a house which was once a home, one woman searches for seeds of hope.

Mike Bartlett's play Albion was premiered in October 2017 at the Almeida Theatre, London, in a production directed by Rupert Goold.