Lee Hall Plays 1

Lee Hall Plays 1

by Lee Hall

The first collection of plays from one of Britain's finest young writers.

Spoonface Steinberg, Lee Hall's extraordinary, award-winning play about faith, love and the meaning of life was first broadcast on Radio Four in 1997 to unprecedented acclaim. It "contains a good deal more truth than a thousand lectures on the nature of existence" (Guardian).

Cooking with Elvis is an Ortonesque black comedy about the family of a famous Elvis impersonator who is now tied to a wheelchair. "Disgracefully entertaining" (Daily Telegraph); "So sharp it could cut itself as it piles on the humour" (Guardian).

Bollocks! is inspired by Ernst Toller's masterpiece Hinkemann. Re-located to Northern Ireland it is an examination of the impotence of lives ruined by war.

Also included here are six previously unpublished radio and stage plays that prove Hall's talent as our pre-eminent contemporary writer of black comedy.