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Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing

by Duncan Macmillan

Recommended by NT Bookseller Ross:

We meet a child. Their mother is suffering from depression. As a present, the child makes the mother a list of ‘every brilliant thing’ in the world – ‘every brilliant thing’ worth living for. Skinny dipping, ice cream, staying up past bedtime and being allowed to watch tv; they’re all there. What follows is a beautifully crafted piece that trends the line between belly-laugh comedy and touching sensitivity magnificently. First penned as a short story by Duncan Macmillan, EBT was developed into a 1-person play with director George Perrin and stand-up comic Jonny Donahoe. Donahoe’s influence shines crystal clear as the play relies on contributions from the audience to help tell the story. A story about finding light in the dark and hopefully one that opens up many further discussions about mental health.