The Voice Exercise Book
The Voice Exercise Book

The Voice Exercise Book

by Jeannette Nelson

From the Head of Voice at the National Theatre. Fall in love with your voice. Get to know how it works and how to control it. You will soon feel how good it is to sound like you.

In The Voice Exercise Book, Jeannette Nelson shares the voice exercises she has used over the years with many of Britain’s leading actors to help to keep their voices in shape. Her belief is that all of us, not just actors, can learn to use our voices well. Whether you perform professionally or you just want to be understood clearly and easily, you can improve your voice by knowing how it works and by practising simple exercises. The aim is not to ‘fake it’ – to try to sound like someone else. It is to find your authentic voice: to be honestly and clearly you in any situation. Drawing on her work as the National Theatre’s Head of Voice, Jeannette Nelson offers practical advice on:

  • breathing freely and deeply, allowing the resonant voice out of your body through clearly articulated speech
  • getting your message across by overcoming common voice and communication difficulties
  • helping young people to find confidence in their voices and to communicate with them well.

Voice training is empowering and liberating. With practice, you can become more self-aware, and learn to express yourself eloquently and confidently.

‘She makes voice production endlessly fascinating and fun. There is no one better’ Rory Kinnear

‘A must for anyone who is serious about producing a strong, clean noise from their voice box’ Lenny Henry CBE

‘Jeannette’s warm-up sessions are tremendous and this book extends those exercises’ Zoë Wanamaker CBE

‘Jeannette’s knowledge is astonishing and her approach so gentle and effective’ Derren Brown