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A new musical inspired by Lewis Carroll's iconic Alice in Wonderland by Damon Albarn and Moria Buffini. Welcome to wonder.land, where you can be exactly who you want to be. Aly, 12, loves this extraordinary virtual world. Bullied at school and unhappy at home, wonder.land offers an escape. Online, Aly becomes Alice: brave, beautiful and in control. But some of the people she meets - the weird Dum and Dee, the creepy Cheshire Cat, the terrifying Red Queen - seem strangely familiar. And as hard as Aly tries to keep them apart, real life and wonder.land begin to collide in ever more curious and dangerous ways.

Auditorium Olivier
Lead Actor Lois Chimimba
Director Rufus Norris
Author Damon Albarn, (creator and music by) ,Moira Buffini, (creator and book and lyrics by), Lewis Caroll, (inspired by novel by)
Poster Design National Theatre Graphic Design Studio
Year 2015

©National Theatre

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