War Horse Rae Smith Poppy Print

An exclusive collectible screen print by award-winning War Horse designer Rae Smith.

Giclee Print with Screen print Glaze

Paper size 123 x 44

Image size 118 x 38

The War Horse Poppy image was first featured on screen as part of the "going over the top" action sequence in the National Theatre's production of Warhorse.

Designer and artist Rae Smith explains the original concept: "The idea is that alongside the first gunshot, ( as Albert and David walk out into battle) a splat of red appears onscreen, more shots as the blood spreads across the screen causing a Hitchcock like 'red-out'. This 'red out' is the only big use of colour in the production and therefore is intended to be poignant and dramatic. The red becomes poppies and the remaining soldiers walk out like little insects under these huge blossoming poppies. The poppies become a huge field of red."

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Artist Rae Smith
Price: £300.00
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