Tartuffe, the Imposter

John Donnelly's ferocious new version of Moliere's comic masterpiece looks at the lengths we go to find meaning - and what happens when we find chaos instead.

Orgon is the man who has everything. Money, power, a beautiful family. But lately he's been questioning the point of it all. When he invites Tartuffe into his perfect household, he unleashes a whirlwind of deception and seduction that threatens everything. With Orgon under Tartuffe's spell, can his family outwit this charismatic trickster? Are Tartuffe's wild claims truth or fiction? This mysterious stranger may not be quite the villain he appears. Tartuffe, the Imposter opened at the National Theatre, London, in February 2019.

Additional Information

Author John Donnelly, Moliere
Publisher Faber & Faber
Binding Paperback
ISBN 9780571354351
Price: £9.99
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