Hadestown: Original Live Cast Recording CD

Hadestown: Original Live Cast Recording CD

Record live from the New York Theatre Workshop.

1. Road to Hell (Live)

2. Livin' It Up on Top (Live)

3. All I've Ever Known (Live)

4. Way Down Hadestown (Live)

5. Epic II (Live)

6. Chant (Live)

7. Hey Little Songbird (Live)

8. When the Chips are Down (Live)

9. Gone I'm Gone (Live)

10. Wait for Me (Live)

11. Why We Build the Wall (Live)

12. Our Lady of the Underground (Live)

13. Way Down Hadestown II (Live)

14. Chant II (Live)

15. Epic III (Live)

16. Word to the Wise (Live)

17. His Kiss the Riot (Live)

18. Promises (Live)

19. Wait for Me II (Live)

20. Doubt Comes In (Live)

21. Road to Hell II (Live)

Music, lyrics and book by Anais Mitchell. Developed with and directed by Rachel Chavkin.

Arrangements and orchestrations Michael Chorney, additional/co-arrangements and orchestrations Todd Sickafoose.

Recording produced by David Lai and Todd Sickafoose. Executive producers Mara Isaacs, Dale Franzen, Don Erik Fransen. Associate Producer Paula Marie Black.

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