Connections 2015

A collection of ten plays specifically commissioned by the National Theatre for young performers aged 13 to 19.Published to coincide with the 2015 Connections festival, which takes place across the UK and Ireland, finishing up at the National Theatre in London. The programme offers young performers between the ages of thirteen and nineteen everywhere an engaging selection of plays to perform, read or study.Each play is specifically commissioned by the National Theatre's literary department with the young performer in mind. The plays are performed by approximately 200 schools and youth theatre companies across the UK and Ireland, in partnership with multiple professional regional theatres where the works are showcased.The anthology contains all ten of the play scripts, and notes from the writer and director of each play, addressing the themes and ideas behind the play, as well as production notes and exercises.
  • Baby by Jamie Brittain
  • Hood by Katherine Chandler
  • The Boy Preference by Elinor Cook
  • The Edelweiss Pirates by Ayub Khan Din
  • Follow by Katie Douglas

Additional Information

Publisher Methuen Drama
Binding Paperback
ISBN 9781474237680
Price: £19.99
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