Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson

by Maria Shevtsova

Robert Wilson is an American–European director who is also a performer, installation artist, writer, designer of light and much more besides – a crossover polymath who dissolves both generic and geographical boundaries and is a precursor of globalisation in the arts. This second edition of Robert Wilson combines:

an analysis of his main productions, situated in their American and European socio-cultural and political contexts; a focused, detailed study of Wilson’s pathbreaking Einstein on the Beach; a study of Pushkin's Fairy Tales as the foremost example of his folk-rock music theatre in the twenty-first century; an exploration of his ‘visual book’, workshop and rehearsal methods, and collaborative procedures; a study of his aesthetic principles and the elements of composition that distinguish his directorial approach; a series of practical exercises for students and practitioners highlighting Wilson’s technique.

As a first step towards critical understanding, and as an initial exploration before going on to further, primary research, Routledge Performance Practitioners offer unbeatable value for today’s student.