by Kae Tempest

A thrilling story of pride, glory and betrayal.

Kae Tempest, the astonishing writer, recording artist and performer, forges an epic new take on Greek legend.  

Philoctetes: once a celebrated wartime hero, now a wounded outcast on a desolate island.

When a young soldier appears, his hope of escape comes with suspicion.  And as an old enemy also emerges, he is faced with an even greater temptation: revenge.

Paradise premiered at the National Theatre in August 2021. The all-female company, with Lesley Sharp as Philoctetes, perform amidst a dramatic wasteland designed by Rae Smith (War Horse, Barber Shop Chronicles). Directed by Ian Rickson.

Kae Tempest (Brand New Ancients, Let Them Eat Chaos) is winner of the Ted Hughes Award, has been nominated for the Costa Book Award for Poetry, and twice-nominated for the Mercury Prize.