Antony and Cleopatra DVD - Shakespeare's Globe

Antony and Cleopatra DVD - Shakespeare's Globe

Shakespeare's Globe 2014 production of Antony & Cleopatra filmed on the Globe stage.

Antony and Cleopatra is Shakespeare's great historical love story, a tragedy infused with comic elements that explores the conflicting claims of sex and power, expressed in poetry of breathtaking beauty. Conveying the polarities of Rome and Egypt, Jonathan Munby's "exquisitely understated" (Independent) Globe production effortlessly captures the play's cinematic rhythm, with Clive Wood cast as a ruffian "indimitable" Antony (Financial Times) and Eve Best "restlessly sensual" (Guardian) in her lauded protrayal of the mercurial Cleopatra.


Maecenas/Canidius Ignatius Anthony Messenger/Eros Peter Bankole Cleopatra Eve Best Soothsayer/Thidias Jonathan Bonnici Pampey/Dolabella Philip Carreia Octavius Caesar Jolyon Coy Endarbus Phil Daniels Alexas/Menecrates Kammy Darweish Ventidius Paul Hamilton Lepidus/Schoolmaster/Snake Man James Hayes Octavia/Iras Rosie Hilal Menas/Porculeius Sean Jackson Agrippa Daniel Rabin Chairmian Sirine Saba Mardian/Scarius Obioma Ugoala Antony Clive Wood Director Jonathan Munby Designer Colin Richmond Composer Jules Maxwell


Spoken in Shakespeare's English

Running time: 163 minutes

Subtitles: English

Extra features: Cast Gallery