The 'd' Monologues

The 'd' Monologues

by Kaite O'Reilly

This unique collection of fictional dramatic monologues was written specifically for D/deaf and disabled performers (the ‘d’ of the title), informed by lived experience. But the ‘d’ could just as easily refer to difference, diversity, defiance, determination, desirability and a host of other delicious ‘d’s….

Covering a wide variety of form, content, and theatrical styles, the monologues offer fresh perspectives on difference and disability from across the UK and beyond. From biting satire to crip’ pride, observational comedy to poignant revelations of life in contemporary Britain and beyond, these texts challenge and subvert ingrained preconceptions of disability and celebrate all the possibilities of human variety.

This collection is the culmination of ten years work, with fictional monologues inspired by over 100 interviews, conversations and interactions with D/deaf and disabled individuals internationally. It brings together new and previously unperformed texts alongside monologues from In Water I’m Weightless (National Theatre Wales Cultural Olympiad 2012), the 70 minute stand alone one-woman show richard iii redux and the multilingual intercultural And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore/UK ‘d’ Monologues.

The monologues offer a great resource for atypical performers as audition pieces and for companies and individuals as script-in-hand, full productions, solo shows or with larger casts. The variety of monologues enables flexible presentation as solo, choral or ensemble performances.