Buggy Baby & The Mikvah Project: Two Plays

Two plays showcasing the exciting and distinctive voice of Josh Azouz.

Buggy Baby is a horror comedy about trying to build a normal life when nothing about life is normal.

Jaden, Nur and baby Aya have escaped another country and ended up in a rotting room in London. While Nur is at college, Jaden chews leaves and has visions of giant rabbits with burning red eyes. He thinks Aya is someone else, someone dangerous. But she’s just a baby. Isn’t she?

The Mikvah Project is a playful and poignant play about two men who meet every Friday in a north-west London Mikvah, a traditional Jewish pool used for ritual cleansing.

Avi is married but childless. Eitan’s voice is breaking and he’s having wet dreams. At the Mikvah they talk about football, the synagogue choir, women. And as their bond deepens, a transformation begins…

Both plays premiered at The Yard, London: Buggy Baby in 2018, directed by Ned Bennett, and The Mikvah Project in 2015, directed by the theatre’s Artistic Director, Jay Miller.

Additional Information

Author Josh Azouz
Publisher Nick Hern Books
Binding Paperback
ISBN 9781848427471
Price: £9.99
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